Marriage - Immigration

Marriage - Immigration
Guidance On Alien Marriage Process

Marriage Certificate Service between Foreigners and Vietnamese: Hotline 0972 17 55 66 for free advice.


1. Documents to be produced by Vietnamese citizens:

a) Marital status certificate which was issued no longer than 6 months ago by the local authority in your district showing that until date of application receipt, the person concerned does not have wife or husband.
b) Medical certificate of a mental Vietnam institute which is still valid or issued not more than 6 months ago (if timing is not specified by the medical institute) certifying that the person concerned is not having any mental illness or other illnesses that make him unable to aknowledge or control his behavior. 
c)One copy of identification card, household registration book or collectice residence book or temporary residence paper. 
(For Vietnamese people working in the army or the occupation of confidentiality must submit the paper issued by company, central or provincial management body confirming that his alien marriage not having any impact on keeping the government information confidential or not against the regulation of the sector.

2. Documents to be produced by aliens: 
a)Marital verification paper issued no more than 6 months ago (until the date of application submission) by the appropriate authority in the country of the applicant stating that applicant does not have wife or husband currently. 
(In case that the law of the country of the applicant does not stipulate about marital status cerification, it is possible to have instead the verification paper of the applicant’s self-declaration for not having husband/wife, in compliance with the law of that country)
b)Medical paper issued by a mental insituate of Vietnam or other country which is still valid until date of application submission or of no more than 6 months ago (if expiry date is not specified by the medical instituate) stating that the applicant does not have any mental illness or other kinds of illnesses that make him/her unable to aknowledge, control his/her behavior. 
c)A certified copy of passport or substitute paper such as travel or immigration paper. 
d)A certified copy of permanent residence, temporary residence card or residence registration paper (for foreigners living in Vietnam).

3. Other documents:
Marriage registration paper (2 copies) as per the required form with signatures and photos of husband and wife.

4. Application submission and time: 
The above mentioned documents are made in duplicate and submitted to the Department of Justice.
The two persons must both be present upon submitting the marriage application. In case of absence due to objective reason, the absent person must have letter of absence and authorize the other to submit the application
Working time: Monday to Saturday 
Working time of Department of Justice: 8:00 -11:00 am – 13:30 -16:00 pm
Number of days for processing:
- For normal cases, 30 days since date of receiving full eligible papers. 
- For complex cases, 50 days since date of receiving full eligible papers.

5. Experience sharing:
Time for alien marriage registration is not short. If boyfriend/girl friends being foreingers could not reside in Vietnam for long time, it’s better to prepare all formalities in advance and send to Department of Justice; as such he/she can fly to Vietnam after having interview appointment letter. It will take at least one month after the interview to sign on the marriage certificate.

Marriage - Immigration